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Powerful, and Affordable Cloud Based Windows Servers

Enterprise Cloud VPS is the simplicity of the VPS combined with the flexibility of the cloud. Providing Dedicated Resources, Reliability & Power of the Cloud. With High Availability NVMe (Ceph) SSD storage using the OpenStack platform these Virtual Cloud Servers pack a punch.

With additional features, such as snapshots and automated backups (coming soon), a Cloud VPS can easily out perform and provide more stability than your average dedicated server. Make your first step into the cloud and host your applications and apps with a Cloud VPS.

Prices Below Include Windows Server. For Linux Please visit the Linux Cloud VPS offers.

25GB 50GB 100GB
1 vCores
Per Month

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Enterprise Cloud VPS

Powered by OpenStack KVM Additional IPs (coming soon) Anti-DDOS Single and Nightly Snapshots Available (coming soon) Backup FTP Options (coming soon) Control Panel Licensees Available Windows Licensees Available Control Panel for Reboots, Installs, Backups & More

Notes on upgrade / downgrade:
You are able to upgrade your Cloud VPS, however downgrading is not possible. Please make sure you are buying the correct size Cloud VPS as we do not want you to over buy!

* Bandwidth: Outgoing Bandwidth has no hard limit. On reaching 10TB mark for the month your Cloud VPS is then limited to 1 Mbps.
**Self-Managed: You (the client) are the Owner / Maintainer / Administrator of your server. Updates, Installs, Websites, Databases, Migrations, etc. are setup and controlled by the client. Management Plans that cover most functions such as setup / install of general (standard) software, migrations, updates, and website installs are available for clients who would like assistance with there server.