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Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller Packages are a perfect solution for webmasters, designers, developers, and reseller/presence providers. We charge a flat rate for space and bandwidth allotments per month, which you can then distribute to your clientele divided into any size packages, priced as you desire.

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Great Plans For Great Profits

Our Reseller Plans are designed for individuals who like to have all technical aspects of a server handled professionally. We give you the perfect opportunity to grow in the Web Hosting business without risk, and without the huge outlay of capital. Relax and allow Bstack to maintain your server, while you can focus on your real talent; marketing and sales.

Reseller Features & Support

Reseller Plans include system administration duties, as well as a cPANEL & WebHostManager package, anonymous Web Browser Control Panels and DNS name servers, which let you have the look and feel of your own hosting company and provide anonymity as to the hosting firm you are working with. As you grow with us, a jump to dedicated servers is well within reach.

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At Bstack we believe that resellers are key to our success.
Our robust hosting architecture, coupled with our experienced reseller management team, make us a proven leader in the reseller hosting marketplace. That’s why thousands of web designers, developers, online marketing companies and advertising agencies are offering our services globally.

The Web Hosting industry is growing at a record pace. Don’t miss out on your chance to conduct business on the information super-highway. Our resellers are attaining profit every month by creating and maintaining websites for companies and individuals all over the world.

Bstack provides all the expensive equipment – You make the profit!